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sustainable solutions

We provide sustainable solutions that can turn your need for continuous corporate growth into a corporate sustainability strategy. We help you boost your company’s eco-efficiency and socio-efficiency, supporting you in securing:
profitability through increased awareness of products and services; lower costs through better management of resources (human, natural, cultural, etc.); satisfaction of all parties involved in your activity; competitively priced services that satisfy human needs and, while progressively reducing ecological impacts; bigger added value and social impact; compliance with laws, directives and regulations; better control over any internal adaptation action; better control over internal and external image.
Within the framework of Sustainability Assessment and Reporting, we will help you apply international standards, guidelines and protocols:
GRI G4: The new generation of the Global Reporting Initiative, which ensures that you show only the essential aspects of your business, saving human and financial resources;
ISO 26000: the standard that gives guidance on issues that should be of interest;
UN Global Compact: The basic sustainable entrepreneurship principles proposed by the United Nations.
In addition, we can assist you to organize the team that will compile the annual Sustainability Report or we do the Report for you to save resources; gain experience and receive valuable feedback for necessary adaptation actions.
The advantages of the Sustainable Entrepreneurial Strategy, and the experience of our partners in terms of social and environmental assessment, can be an important lever for promoting cooperation, synergies and mutual support.


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The role of ecological corridors in reconnecting fragmented habitats
Rehabilitation study of oil-polluted areas

environmental consulting

We undertake for you, environmental impact assessment studies, as also the tasks of studying, devising models, utilizing scientific tools and managing:
Water resources (surface water, ground water and marine water); natural environment (land and marine habitats, species of flora, fauna and avifauna); solid waste and wastewater (classification of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, treatment plant design – waste management plans); soil resources and sediments; air emissions from construction sites, transportation projects and industrial activities; noise emissions from construction sites, transportation projects and other activities; visual impacts of interventions in the landscape, and of various facilities and buildings.
We are willing and able to tackle the environmental and social impacts of projects and activities, to protect the environment, and also to indicate methods for mitigation or compensation.
We help you analyze any project or activity regarding its environmental footprint, to:
Obtain an environmental permit; to modify or renew your permit; to improve any environmental behavior; to save resources and money.
The significant experience of our partners, our realistic approach to financial costs and the oversupply of environmental objects that we can fulfill, are shaping our ambition to provide important incentives for cooperation, synergy and mutual support.

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Environmental permitting services for food industry
Environment study for parts of a road network
EΙA for mining and metallurgical activities

european programmes

We undertake for you the search and assiduous study of funding programmes, calls and tools so as to fully provide you with a business proposal that best fits your needs.
Moreover, we take over the proposal set up from the start until the final evaluation in all stages. That includes, first of all the careful study of the call, the collection of all necessary documents, the writing of the proposal and all the procedural actions for the final submission of the proposal.
In addition, we have under control the follow up of the proposal in both cases of either successful or unsuccessful progress.
Our project management team guarantees you a fully organized and integrated solution in all stages of the proposal.

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COSME: meetnature, tourism product for seniors
SME instrument: careweev, nanomaterials and processes
European FP7: MARSOL project
LIFE+:’reclaim’ innovative project on Landfill Mining