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Our Team

With a vision to support environmental projects and to reduce existing environmental problems, our company has in its workforce a group of special people with special goals and ideas .

The Green2Sustain team includes :

  • Land and Marine Environmental Surveyors
  • Geo consultants
  • Coastal Areas Management Consultants
  • Waste Management Consultants
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Engineers
  • Environmental Economists
  • Oceanographers
  • Diver scientists

George Tentes

Managing Director

George Tentes is an Environmental Economist and Engineer (MEng, MSc, PhD), specialising in managing natural resources and the environment. He has worked as a Team Leader in studies and permits related to: energy, mining, tourism, and spatial planning investments; marine & terrestrial ecology assessments; environmental engineering; design and permitting.

Dimitris Ntouzgos – Mourtzos

Environment and Coastal Management Consultant

Experienced Environment and Coastal Management Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry and NGOs. Skilled in Coastal Zone protection and management, Scientific Presentations, ArcGIS and EIA reporting.


Alexia-Katerina Varouxaki

Environmental Analyst

Mining and Metallurgical Engineer with MSc in Water Resources Science and Technology, specializing in waste water analysis and treatment. Experienced in lab experiments, advices in solid, water and gaseous waste treatment and participation in European environmental projects. Scientific Analyst for the World Bank in relation to business licensing regulations.

Elena Nerantzi

Sustainable Infrastructures Consultant

Architect (MArch), specializing in environmental design of cities and buildings (MSc). She has experience in socio-economic studies, studies for environmental licensing of projects, construction project management and supervising of construction works. She is  Buildings’ Energy Inspector and consultant for reforming the legal framework of licensing of economic activities.

Katerina Filippousi

Environmental, Ecology and Waste Management Consultant

Environmental, Ecology and Waste Management Consultant with multi-field activities, experienced in laboratory and field applications. Participation in environmental voluntary actions. Following the development on the subject. Participation in the preparation of EIA and advice on the management of wastewater, and solid and gaseous waste.

Pavlos Pantos

Marine Environment Consultant and Seismic Navigator.

Pavlos is a Geologist, a Marine Environment Consultant and a Seismic Navigator. He has participated in more than 30 offshore geophysical surveys worldwide and has also worked as an Environmental Coordinator in the Oil and Gas Industry. He has actively been involved in projects related to: Marine Environment, Development and Sustainability, EIA, Water Resources Management, etc.


Flora Tzanetatou

Marine Consultant

Bachelor’s degree in Oceanography with lab experience in Aquaculture through devising environmentally sustainable solutions. A PADI Dive Master, having completed over 150 dives in the Greek Seas and abroad. Well familiar with GIS and Geotabases and a marine environment expert. 

Paul Liakopoulos

Environmental consultant

Paul had his BSc degree in Physics with a wide experience in GiS & Remote Sensing applications, geodata & field data collection and analysis. He has participated in the environmental impact assessment of various industrial units and renewable energy plants. He also works on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and the adoption of circular economy schemes.

Chrysa Stamati

Coastal Management Consultant

Chrysa has a bachelor on Marine Science. Her MSc in Integrated Coastal Zone Management has given her experience in in-situ data collection as a diver, analysis of remote sensing data and habitat mapping. She is a rescue diver and a marine ecology expert. 

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We always inform our collaborators and the public of our activities. Trust us with your e-mail to open a communication channel.