Waste Mining: An interactive workshop

In March 22, 2015, two interactive seminars were delivered, during the Athens Science Festival 2015.

The 1st seminar was concluded and lasted 55 minutes. Active attendants: 25.

The 2nd seminar was partially concluded, but lasted only 45 minutes, owing to time and weather constraints. Active attendants: 30.

During the seminars, filming and photography took place, to document the interaction with (pre-notified) public.

The questions that drove the whole procedure are given in the following file (in Greek).

presentation athens-science-festival-2015

The main scope of the workshop was to familiarize the public with basic concepts of Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) in Greece, and with the innovative concept of Waste Mining, through procedures that deviate from the classic model of the speaker and are mostly based on participation, competition and internal reflections.

As an aside, a secondary scope is the understanding of the NIMBY (not in my back yard) phenomenon and of its socio-economic consequences.

The results and conclusions of the workshop are presented in the following Report (in Greek).

report athens-science-festival-2015

photo credits: VDouros 2015 – www.creativespro.com