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Our vision
We envision and work for a business ecosystem that will consolidate sustainability with environmental awareness, thereby creating the foundations for sound competitiveness.

Our principles
To work with honesty, integrity and free spirit; To promote the development and advancement of our partners; To guide our partners in the light of our vision; To be creative and perceptive; To be credible partners; To defend the interests of our partners, under the company’s vision; To respect the institutional law without violating the rules of science; To have a voluntary social contribution in the areas we operate in; To be the first to utilize our own services.

Our values
Innovation | Creativity | Dynamism | Science | Insight | Respect | Accountability

General info
We are a newly founded enterprise, established in 2014 as a Private Capital Company and we are active mainly in the field of environmental services, as well as in innovative support for technical and business activities, emphasizing on sustainability and development. The company’s two Co-founders, our employees and our regularly cooperating experts cover a wide range of environmental, economic, sustainability and social fields, harmonically cooperating to provide the best available services and products to our collaborators and customers.

The involvement of Green2Sustain co-founders in the fields of environmental services began fifteen years ago, resulting on the built of considerable experience in providing environmental services for major enterprises active in Greece.

Our key scientific fields are growing every day through life-long learning and close cooperation with the academia. Our scientists cover almost all environmental fields, including natural environment, hydrology and water environment, climate, terrestrial and marine ecology, geology, hydrogeology, geotechnology, soil, waste and waste water management, industrial emissions management, noise nuisance, social responsibility and sustainability assessment, socioeconomics, environmental economics, ecological economics. We are able to support various types of entities: organizations, SMEs, large companies and multinationals, and we offer our services to Consulting Firms.

In more detail, we have great experience in environmental studies and permitting, and able to assess the impacts on all the environmental factors for both public and private projects and to further propose any mitigation measures, if necessary. We can also provide a comprehensive management approach for several environmental factors such as water resources, ecosystems and habitats, soil and atmosphere, as well as to plan an overall waste management system for several types of works and activities.

Additionally, environmental assessment, economic valuation of environment and natural resources, natural resources damage assessment, social cost-benefit analysis, and assessment of ecosystem services have always been in the core of our research activities.

Finally, our strengths refer to the ability of proper design of environmental infrastructure, of environmental monitoring and of environmental management systems.


The co-founders and the personnel of the company have gained important experience based on close academic collaboration and cooperation with prestigious universities and institutions, such as the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), the University of the Aegean, the University of Patras, the Technical University of Crete and the Hellenic Open University (HOU).

Finally, the company has established cooperation links with reputable scientific partners in the field of environmental, economic and tourism sciences, making it possible to engage in a significant range of activities and objects in its sector.

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We always inform our collaborators and the public of our activities. Trust us with your e-mail to open a communication channel.